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Please use this email for all communications. 

Transfer Information,

Forms, and Helpful Information

When someone purchases a building on Colony land (land owned by the Fairhope Single Tax Corporation), that person acquires ownership of the improvements via a Bill of Sale and that person leases the land via a 99-year Lease, paying Rent to the Single Tax Corporation.


Any change in ownership, title, name, legal description, etc.

requires that you contact FSTC and complete the FSTC process!!!

Any re-plat, subdivision, or other event that

affects the LAND requires FSTC's Endorsement!

Please call the office for more information.

Soon-to-be-new lessees, either by foreclosure, purchase, inheritance, or other, MUST bring any and all outstanding Rent current before receiving a new Lease. 

Lease Transfer Procedure

This information explains the procedure for transferring a typical Lease.

Revised July 2019.

Lease Transfer Letter

Please use this Transfer Letter Form for your Lease transfer.


***It is VERY important that information on your Transfer Letter is accurate!! Changes after FSTC has prepared a file may incur a Re-Work Fee of $150.00!!***

Revised July 2019.


A list of FSTC fees, effective January 1, 2017.

Revised December 2016.

Blank FSTC Lease

This is the Lease that our lessees will enter into when leasing from FSTC.

Orientation Handout

A helpful handout for our lessees.


Request for Refinance Statement

Please use this form to request a Refinance Statement if you are refinancing an FSTC property.

Revised September 2019.

Fairhope Single Tax Lessee Brochures

These informative brochures explain a Single Tax Lease, the complete lease process, contributions to our community by the FSTC as a result of the lease process, and historical foundations of Fairhope as a unique community.

Revised February 2017.