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Fairhope Colony Cemetery

The Fairhope Colony Cemetery was created around 1895, right after the original Founders of Fairhope arrived in the fall of 1894. It is owned in fee simple and maintained by the Trustees of Fairhope Colony Cemetery Fund. The cemetery is about 6.4 acres and is located on the corner of Section Street and Oak Street.

Currently, sites are available at the time of need for Members of the Fairhope Single Tax Corporation, Lessees of the Fairhope Single Tax Corporation residing on their leasehold, single minor children of Members or Lessees residing on their leasehold with their parents, Lessees who for health reasons have been confined to a custodial care institution but who maintain their leasehold, and surviving single spouses of Lessees or Members who are buried in the cemetery. An application and approval by the Colony Cemetery Committee Members is required.


**This information is being provided for general information only and does not guaranty burial or internment or create any contract or agreement whether express or implied. Please contact the Fairhope Single Tax Corporation to be put in touch with the Fairhope Colony Cemetery Committee Members for assistance and exact rules and regulations.

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Fairhope Supply Co.

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