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Fairhope Museum of History

Photo Credit:

Cummings Architecture Corp.

The Fairhope Single Tax Corporation’s contributions to the City of Fairhope and the surrounding community, a list of highlights:


  • Donated the deeds to all the parks along the bay front, with reservations that they could only be used as parks, to the City of Fairhope.

  • Donated the deed to the Wharf (Fairhope Pier) to the City of Fairhope.

  • Donated the original utilities to the City of Fairhope.

  • Paved the streets, sidewalks, and alleys in and around the City of Fairhope.

  • Helped fund the new Fairhope Library (joint venture with the City of Fairhope).

  • Provided the majority of the funding for the new Fairhope Museum (joint venture with the City of Fairhope).

  • Provided ongoing direction for Knoll Park (joint venture with the City of Fairhope).

  • Donated 24 acres for the new ball fields and soccer fields, now known as Founders Park.

  • Helped fund the new emergency room at Thomas Hospital.

  • Helped fund Centennial Hall on the Faulkner campus (joint venture with the City of Fairhope).

  • Provided the funding for the equipment for the new, female athletic facility at Fairhope High School and Fairhope Middle School.

  • Regularly sponsors a girls’ and a boys’ sports team in each City League.

  • Provides support for the ongoing construction of Nature Park.

  • Contributed to the Fairhope Arts Center addition.

  • Provided numerous parking lots in downtown Fairhope.

  • Contributed to the Fairhope Elementary School pavilion.

  • Contributed to the Museum Plaza.

  • Contributed to Alzheimer Wing at The Snook Center.

  • Contributed to the Marietta Johnson statue.

  • Major contributor to the Vietnam Memorial.

  • Paved Windmill and Thompson Hall Roads (joint venture with the County).

  • Paved Estella Drive.

  • Worked to preserve history through the Bay Boat Model project.

  • Built the Fairhope Elementary School playground and the Fairhope Intermediate School playground.

  • Built the Knoll Park sidewalk along Bayview Avenue.

  • Built the Volanta Street sidewalk and gave it to the City of Fairhope.

  • Major contributor to the Fairhope baseball facility at Volanta Park.

  • Major contributor to the new Fairhope High School Multi-Purpose Facility.

  • Provided and funded the planting of trees at Founders Park.

  • Provided $197,000.00 for the Rotary Boys and Girls Club expansion.

  • Ensured public access to the White Avenue Park along Mobile Bay via a mutual, courted-ordered, settlement agreement.

  • Built the Troyer Boothe road connecting Morphy Avenue to Nichols Avenue and transferred title to the City of Fairhope.

  • Funded sidewalks for Fairhope Elementary School.

  • Built the sidewalks along Troyer Road and Boothe Road.

  • Extended Fairhope Avenue sidewalk.

  • Provided $1,004,000.00 to Thomas Hospital Foundation for the construction of the new Women’s Health/Birth Center.

  • Built the White Avenue Park sidewalk.

  • Built the Gayfer Estates sidewalk.

  • Built the Morphy Avenue sidewalk.

  • Contributed to the Fairhope Elementary School Special Needs playground.

  • Provided funding for the Performing Arts Pavilion located on the Faulkner campus (joint venture with the City of Fairhope).

  • Previous sponsor of the Alabama Coastal Bird Festival.

  • Provided $300,000.00 for the Fairhope Soccer Complex; City of Fairhope provided a match of $300,000.00.

  • Built the parking lot behind the Fairhope Public Library (in conjunction with the City of Fairhope).

  • Provided $250,000.00 to the Fairhope Art Center for renovations and improvements.

  • Paid for the pavers and materials to brick the Section Street sidewalk adjacent to the Fairhope Pharmacy from Fairhope Avenue to De La Mare Street.

  • Built an additional portion of sidewalk connecting the White Avenue Park sidewalk to Nichols Avenue.

  • Previous sponsor of the Honor Flight.

  • Annually, sponsor of the Baldwin Pops Founders Day performance.

  • Annually, supports Ecumenical Ministries.

  • Previous sponsor the Fairhope Band program.

  • Previous sponsor of the Weeks Bay Estuary.

  • Annually, sponsor of the FSTC History Lecture Series.

  • Previous sponsor of the Thomas Hospital Golf Tournament.

  • Provided $150,000.00 to the new Mitchell Cancer Institute located by the Fairhope Satellite Courthouse.

  • Built a sidewalk at the Fairhope Intermediate School along the car drop-off line.

  • Provided funding for fifteen benches for the car ride line and bus riders line at the Fairhope Middle School.

  • Provided $16,300.00 to the American Legion Post 199 for them to pursue placement on the National Historic Register and for architectural and engineering drawings.

  • Provided $5,000.00 to Theater 98 in downtown Fairhope so they can complete their audience seat replacement project.

  • Provided $8,500.00 to the Fairhope Public Library and the Marietta Johnson Museum so they can preserve deteriorating documents dealing with the history of Fairhope.

  • Provided $28,000.00 to support the Coastal Alabama Community College’s renovation of the historic Bell Building.

  • Built sidewalks at the Fairhope Elementary School to connect the existing sidewalks from the gym to the cafeteria and to provide handicap access to the areas.

  • Built a new Colony Cemetery Columbarium and improved the Oak/Section Entrance.

  • Built a sidewalk on Gayfer Extension to Blueberry Lane.

  • Built a sidewalk on Morphy Avenue from County Road 13 to Thompson Hall Road.

  • Provided $16,000.00 towards the purchase of a new bus for the Fairhope Rotary Youth Club.

  • Built a sidewalk on Nichols Avenue from Mershon to Section Street.

  • Provided $609,000.00 towards renovations of Ecumenical Ministries on Fairhope Avenue.

  • Provided $25,000.00 towards the purchase of Fairhope High School Band uniforms.

  • Provided $40,000.00 towards the purchase of two DARE vehicles for the Fairhope Police Department.

  • Cleared and graded land at the entrance to RiverMill Subdivision for use as a public park. Property deeded from FSTC to the COF via a reversionary deed to preserve it as parkland.

  • Provided $500,000.00 to the Thomas Hospital Foundation towards the purchase of a 3D mammography unit and advanced ultrasound unit. Units must remain in Fairhope.

  • Provided $262,500.00 towards the purchase of the “Clock Corner” by the City of Fairhope. Property deeded from FSTC to the COF via a reversionary deed to preserve it as parkland.

  • Provided $400,000.00 towards the installation of a regulation running track at Founder’s Park.

  • Provided $200,000.00 to FEEF for the construction of an outdoor classroom at the Old K1 Center.

  • Provided $125,000.00 to fund artwork by Bruce Larson for sculptures/artwork to be placed in the Arts Alley.

  • Built a sidewalk along Windmill Road to connect the existing sidewalks.

  • Provided $80,000.00 for the restoration of Dahlgren Hall on the Coastal Community Campus.

  • Provided $250,000 towards renovations of the Fairhope Public Library.

  • Provided $50,000 to Baldwin Family Village Foundation to be used towards renovations of a transitional housing program for homeless women and children in Fairhope.

  • Bought back the leasehold at 0 Fairhope Avenue (Old Ice House & Creamery at the foot of the Bluff) for $475,000. Deeded the parcel to the City of Fairhope for $237,500 via a reversionary deed to preserve it as parkland and for inclusion in the City of Fairhope’s Bayfront Park Restoration.

  • Provided $40,000 for the installation of an outdoor exercise circuit at Stimpson Field.

  • Provided $28,000 for Fairhope Elementary East paving project for student activities.



It is the Fairhope Single Tax Corporation’s goal to continue the work of our forefathers to make Fairhope a model community.


Fairhope Public Library

Photo Credit:

Walcott Adams Verneuille Architects


Thomas Hospital Birthing Center

Photo Credit:

Thomas Hospital

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