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Fairhope Museum of History

Photo Credit:

Cummings Architecture Corp.

The Fairhope Single Tax Corporation’s contributions to the City of Fairhope and the surrounding community, a list of highlights:


  • Donated the deeds to all the parks along the bay front, with reservations that they could only be used as parks, to the City of Fairhope.

  • Donated the deed to the Wharf (Fairhope Pier) to the City of Fairhope.

  • Donated the original utilities to the City of Fairhope.

  • Paved the streets, sidewalks, and alleys in and around the City of Fairhope.

  • Helped fund the new Fairhope Library (joint venture with the City of Fairhope).

  • Provided the majority of the funding for the new Fairhope Museum (joint venture with the City of Fairhope).

  • Provided ongoing direction for Knoll Park (joint venture with the City of Fairhope).

  • Donated 24 acres for the new ball fields and soccer fields, now known as Founders Park.

  • Helped fund the new emergency room at Thomas Hospital.

  • Helped fund Centennial Hall on the Faulkner campus (joint venture with the City of Fairhope).

  • Provided the funding for the equipment for the new, female athletic facility at Fairhope High School and Fairhope Middle School.

  • Regularly sponsors a girls’ and a boys’ sports team in each City League.

  • Provides support for the ongoing construction of Nature Park.

  • Contributed to the Fairhope Arts Center addition.

  • Provided numerous parking lots in downtown Fairhope.

  • Contributed to the Fairhope Elementary School pavilion.

  • Contributed to the Museum Plaza.

  • Contributed to Alzheimer Wing at The Snook Center.

  • Contributed to the Marietta Johnson statue.

  • Major contributor to the Vietnam Memorial.

  • Paved Windmill and Thompson Hall Roads (joint venture with the County).

  • Paved Estella Drive.

  • Worked to preserve history through the Bay Boat Model project.

  • Built the Fairhope Elementary School playground and the Fairhope Intermediate School playground.

  • Built the Knoll Park sidewalk along Bayview Avenue.

  • Built the Volanta Street sidewalk and gave it to the City of Fairhope.

  • Major contributor to the Fairhope baseball facility at Volanta Park.

  • Major contributor to the new Fairhope High School Multi-Purpose Facility.

  • Provided and funded the planting of trees at Founders Park.

  • Provided $197,000.00 for the Rotary Boys and Girls Club expansion.

  • Ensured public access to the White Avenue Park along Mobile Bay via a mutual, courted-ordered, settlement agreement.

  • Built the Troyer Boothe road connecting Morphy Avenue to Nichols Avenue and transferred title to the City of Fairhope.

  • Funded sidewalks for Fairhope Elementary School.

  • Built the sidewalks along Troyer Road and Boothe Road.

  • Extended Fairhope Avenue sidewalk.

  • Provided $1,004,000.00 to Thomas Hospital Foundation for the construction of the new Women’s Health/Birth Center.

  • Built the White Avenue Park sidewalk.

  • Built the Gayfer Estates sidewalk.

  • Built the Morphy Avenue sidewalk.

  • Contributed to the Fairhope Elementary School Special Needs playground.

  • Provided funding for the Performing Arts Pavilion located on the Faulkner campus (joint venture with the City of Fairhope).

  • Annual Sponsor of the Alabama Coastal Bird Festival.

  • Provided $300,000.00 for the Fairhope Soccer Complex; City of Fairhope provided a match of $300,000.00.

  • Built the parking lot behind the Fairhope Public Library (in conjunction with the City of Fairhope).

  • Provided $250,000.00 to the Fairhope Art Center for renovations and improvements.

  • Paid for the pavers and materials to brick the Section Street sidewalk adjacent to the Fairhope Pharmacy from Fairhope Avenue to De La Mare Street.

  • Built an additional portion of sidewalk connecting the White Avenue Park sidewalk to Nichols Avenue.

  • Previous sponsor of the Honor Flight.

  • Annually, sponsor of the Baldwin Pops Founders Day performance.

  • Annually, supports Ecumenical Ministries.

  • Previous sponsor the Fairhope Band program.

  • Previous sponsor of the Weeks Bay Estuary.

  • Annually, sponsor of the FSTC History Lecture Series.

  • Previous sponsor of the Thomas Hospital Golf Tournament.

  • Provided $150,000.00 to the new Mitchell Cancer Institute located by the Fairhope Satellite Courthouse.

  • Built a sidewalk at the Fairhope Intermediate School along the car drop-off line.

  • Provided funding for fifteen benches for the car ride line and bus riders line at the Fairhope Middle School.

  • Provided $16,300.00 to the American Legion Post 199 for them to pursue placement on the National Historic Register and for architectural and engineering drawings.

  • Provided $5,000.00 to Theater 98 in downtown Fairhope so they can complete their audience seat replacement project.

  • Provided $8,500.00 to the Fairhope Public Library and the Marietta Johnson Museum so they can preserve deteriorating documents dealing with the history of Fairhope.

  • Committed up to $28,000.00 to support the Coastal Alabama Community College’s renovation of the historic Bell Building.

  • Built sidewalks at the Fairhope Elementary School to connect the existing sidewalks from the gym to the cafeteria and to provide handicap access to the areas.

  • Built a new Colony Cemetery Columbarium and improved the Oak/Section Entrance.

  • Built a sidewalk on Gayfer Extension to Blueberry Lane.

  • Built a sidewalk on Morphy Avenue from County Road 13 to Thompson Hall Road.

  • Provided $16,000.00 towards the purchase of a new bus for the Fairhope Rotary Youth Club.

  • Built a sidewalk on Nichols Avenue from Mershon to Section Street.

  • Provided $609,000.00 towards renovations of Ecumenical Ministries on Fairhope Avenue.

  • Provided $25,000.00 towards the purchase of Fairhope High School Band uniforms.

  • Provided $40,000.00 towards the purchase of two DARE vehicles for the Fairhope Police Department.

  • Cleared and graded land at the entrance to RiverMill Subdivision for use as a public park. Property deeded from FSTC to the COF via a reversionary deed to preserve it as parkland.

  • Provided $500,000.00 to the Thomas Hospital Foundation towards the purchase of a 3D mammography unit and advanced ultrasound unit. Units must remain in Fairhope.

  • Provided $262,500.00 towards the purchase of the “Clock Corner” by the City of Fairhope. Property deeded from FSTC to the COF via a reversionary deed to preserve it as parkland.

  • Provided $400,000.00 towards the installation of a regulation running track at Founder’s Park.

  • Provided $200,000.00 to FEEF for the construction of an outdoor classroom at the Old K1 Center.

  • Provided $125,000.00 to fund artwork by Bruce Larson for sculptures/artwork to be placed in the Arts Alley.

  • Built a sidewalk along Windmill Road to connect the existing sidewalks.

  • Provided $80,000.00 for the restoration of Dahlgren Hall on the Faulkner Campus.

  • Provided $40,000 for an outdoor exercise circuit at Stimpson Field.

  • Provided $28,000 for Fairhope Elementary East paving for student activities.

  • Bought back the leasehold at the foot of the bluff, by the Fairhope Pier, for inclusion in the City of Fairhope's Bayfront Park Restoration.



It is the Fairhope Single Tax Corporation’s goal to continue the work of our forefathers to make Fairhope a model community.


Fairhope Public Library

Photo Credit:

Walcott Adams Verneuille Architects


Thomas Hospital Birthing Center

Photo Credit:

Thomas Hospital

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