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The 501 (c) 4 Tax Status

On November 7, 2003 the Fairhope Single Tax Corporation was granted 501 (c) 4 tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service. This means FSTC is recognized as an organization for the promotion of social welfare, common good, the general welfare of the people of the community, and bringing about civic improvements.


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The Officers, Directors, and Trustees for 2017


President:                  Lee Turner

Vice-President:          Charles Lake

Secretary:                 C. Michael Arnold

Treasurer:                  Michael Upchurch



Director - Place 1:      H. C. "Cliff" Pitman

Director - Place 2:      Carol Saltz

Director - Place 3:      Geoff Kennedy

Director - Place 4:      Fred Watkins, Jr

Director - Place 5:      James "Jim" H. Reid, Jr.



Trustee - Place 1:      Pat King

Trustee - Place 2:      Teresa Watkins

Trustee - Place 3:      George Gilmore

2015-2016 Committees Appointments



Liaison: Mackie  McCawley

Chair:  Alison Knight

Catherine King

Libby McCawley

Savan Wilson



Liaison:  Carol Saltz

Chair:  Fred Watkins

Louis Braswell

Phil Brady

John Taratsas



Liason:  Cliff Pitman

Chair:  Tim Michael

Fred Michaels

Pat King

Libby McCawley

Allan Hoffman


Compliance Committee

Liaison:  Mackie McCawley

Chair:  Jim Reid

Louis Braswell

Michael Upchurch

Bob Mullican


Education/Public Relations

Liaison: Carol Saltz

Chair:  Savan Wilson

Betty Campbell

Curt Cochran

Allan Hoffman

Charles Lake

Connie Stejskal

Pam Turner

Knight Upchurch



Liaison:  Geoff Kennedy

Chair:  Michael Upchurch

Stephen Longfield

Len Turner

Jim Godfrey

Ken Neimeyer

Chris Knight



Liaison:  Carol Saltz

Chair:  Dave Jester

Malia Mulligan

Priss Milling


Boy Scout Liaison

Fred Watkins


Lands- Nature Park

Liaison:  Cliff Pitman

Chair:  Walter Ernest

Pat King

Frank Laraway

Allan Hoffman

Rich Mueller - COF Liaison



Liaison:  Mackie McCawley

Chair:  Teresa Watkins

Connie Stejskal

Donna Cook


Museum of History

Liaison: Connie Stejskal


Rent Study

Liaison:  Fred Watkins

Chair:   Evan Myrick

Linda Smith

Frank Lawaway

Ed Brinson

Tim Hudnall

Todd Gardner

Len Turner


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The 2017 Lecture Series on Fairhope's History is Scheduled!

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The historical archives of the Fairhope Single Tax Corporation are now online!

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Fairhope Single Tax Corporation
336 Fairhope Ave

Fairhope, AL 36532


(251) 928-8162

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